Remove the headache of document review

Review documents quickly, effortlessly and accurately guided by AI purpose-built for property diligence.

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Get work done in a fraction of the time

Our AI is purpose-built for property diligence. It can check and summarise title documents, leases, deeds, searches, lender requirements and much more, reducing turnaround times by 50%.

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Get to the heart of the matter early

Orbital Witness automatically flags potential problems that need attention upfront, enabling you to advise clients and deal with issues swiftly.

You can rely on us

We know property diligence can be risky business and AI is still new to some. We are comprehensively insured as a business, and use enterprise-grade best practice to ensure your data is secure and our AI is explainable.

Maintain consistency and quality across your entire team

Using standards developed by leading AI experts and experienced lawyers, Orbital Witness is your second pair of eyes, so you can ensure the quality of your diligence remains uncompromised, even when you're working against the clock.

Simple and easy to use

Upload any PDF

Upload title registers, leases, deeds, searches, and other property documents in any format.

Ask anything

Simply ask a question or select one of our FAQs and let our AI answer instantly.

Accountable AI

We are comprehensively insured as a business and we are working on the next generation of AI insurance.

Hear what our customers have to say

“We wanted to save time for our experienced conveyancing lawyers, without compromising on the high standard of work and client experience we pride ourselves on.”

Ian Errington

Partner and Head of Residential Conveyancing

“Feedback from our team has been outstanding: the ‘second pair of eyes’ Orbital Residential provides supports our drive to ensure the highest levels of service quality across our business and the significant time savings have been enthusiastically received by our colleagues.”

Sue Bence

Chief Operating Officer

“We’ve seen cases where the time taken to carry out the title review process has been reduced by up to 50%”

Louise Stephens-Pantoja

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