Simply enhances efficiency and service quality with Orbital Residential

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Customer Story
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Client overview: Simply Conveyancing

‘At Simply, we are committed to harnessing the transformative potential that artificial intelligence can bring to our business. Our adoption of Orbital Witness is validation of that commitment.’          Sue Bence, Chief Operating Officer, Simply

Simply Conveyancing is a leading provider of residential conveyancing services in the UK. Recognised for its commitment to quality and efficiency, Simply ranks among the top 1% of conveyancing companies by volume according to the Land Registry. The firm prides itself on delivering exceptional service, as evidenced by its high ratings on Trustpilot, Feefo and Google.

The challenge: improving efficiencies for a high growth business 

Simply wanted to enhance their title checking process, aiming to reduce the time spent on each title check and improve the overall quality of its service. The conveyancing firm needed a solution that could both streamline their operations and empower their team of property lawyers and title checkers to work more efficiently and consistently.

Solution: adopting Orbital Residential

To address these challenges, Simply chose Orbital Residential to fast-forward the leasehold reporting process, using advanced AI technology. This partnership marked a significant step for Simply in leveraging AI to enhance their operational efficiency and service quality.

Implementation: a successful proof of concept

The collaboration began with a proof of concept phase where Simply's title checkers trialled Orbital Residential. During this period, the firm experienced a material reduction in the average time spent per title check. This improvement allowed Simply to allocate more resources to other critical tasks and enhance their quality assurance processes. 

Team feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many appreciating the 'second pair of eyes' provided by the AI technology. Stefanie, one of Simply’s Title Checkers, explained this during the trial: ‘for me it was the comfort to know that I hadn’t missed anything - or perhaps I was looking at things that I didn’t need to spend that much time looking at.’ 

In addition to time savings, the adoption of Orbital Residential has led to several key benefits for the conveyancing giant:

- enhanced quality assurance: the AI technology supports more effective early identification and handling of complex cases

- standardised reporting: improved decision-making and greater opportunities for standardised reporting have been realised

- increased capacity: the firm has freed up substantial capacity within the team, enabling their lawyers to focus on more value-added activities.

Client feedback

Sue Bence, Chief Operating Officer of Simply, expressed her satisfaction with the initial results of the partnership: ‘feedback from our team during the trial has been outstanding, and the significant time savings have been enthusiastically received by our colleagues.

Edmond Boulle, Co-founder and CSO of Orbital Witness, summarised the initial success of the partnership by saying ‘we’re proud to support Simply Conveyancing in delivering a best-in-class customer experience for thousands of homebuyers across the UK.’

We look forward to working closely with Simply as they deliver on their ambitious growth plans, and building a lasting partnership.

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