Delivering ‘the wow factor’ for BCLP’s global team of real estate lawyers with Orbital Copilot

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With client expectations constantly evolving, maintaining a competitive edge is more important than ever. At Orbital Witness we understand the challenge: law firms need to be able to diligence property in a fraction of the time, while ensuring the quality of their output remains uncompromised. 

In response, we were delighted when BCLP agreed to join forces with us once again to test, optimise and deploy Orbital Copilot, the first real estate specific legal AI assistant, across their UK and US real estate practices. 

Three months on, we’re catching up with Jeff Westcott, Global Director of Innovation and Practice Technology, and Brian Kennedy, Senior Practice Innovation Manager, to understand the potential impact of Orbital Copilot across BCLP’s global team. 

‘Orbital Copilot frees up our lawyers to focus on delivering professional value’

For BCLP, being ‘client intelligent’ comes first. 

With property transactions requiring the review of thousands of pages in a short amount of time, Brian spoke to us about the benefit of Orbital Copilot giving lawyers back valuable time to focus on what matters most: providing personalised, professional advice to their clients – or as he puts it, ‘where our lawyers really add value.’ 

He went on to highlight the potential time saving capabilities of Orbital Copilot for the firm’s real estate lawyers: by enabling the team to read documents in a fraction of the time, large document reviews are now being looked at more efficiently, with lawyers surfacing the key issues for their clients faster: ‘Orbital Copilot massively accelerates the starting point for due diligence’. 

Jeff added: ‘right from day one, Orbital Copilot has the huge potential to help our lawyers not just meet – but beat – key deadlines, turn around documents faster and ultimately be more client responsive. The biggest impact has been the wow factor when our lawyers saw the results of things that would have previously taken hours and hours and sometimes days… delivering answers in seconds.’ 

‘Orbital Copilot allows us to really supersize due diligence for our clients’ 

More than simply offering the efficiencies of automation to BCLP lawyers, Brian explained the opportunity Orbital Copilot can provide when investigating differentiated commercial propositions for their clients. 

For larger portfolios, BCLP could alter their approach in the future. While previously only a sample of commercial documents would be reviewed by lawyers, Orbital Copilot could augment this challenge of scale – an opportunity that would improve the level of due diligence the firm can offer to their clients. 

‘A domain specific AI assistant to get the level of quality and accuracy we needed’ 

Unlike generic legal AI assistants, Orbital Copilot is purpose-built for property diligence by experienced real estate professionals (including lawyers and legal engineers) who are experts in utilising AI to automate diligence. 

A key driver for us choosing Orbital Copilot was our shared vision around domain specific AI that’s optimised for real estate’, Brian explained. While ‘out the box’ solutions were explored, a sector specific solution that could handle both the volume of detailed documentation provided, as well as providing the correct interpretation of that specialist information back to a real estate lawyer, mattered most. 

We were delighted to discuss the early benefits of Orbital Copilot that BCLP is already unlocking – not only speeding up the way their real estate lawyers conduct due diligence but also delivering improved business opportunities for them when it comes to serving their commercial clients.

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