9 leading firms become Orbital Copilot customers only 3 weeks after launching

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We’re thrilled to announce our inaugural set of 9 Orbital Copilot customers who signed up only 3 working weeks after we launched an early adopters cohort. These customers have been instrumental in helping us build Orbital Copilot and we’re delighted they will now benefit from accelerated lease reporting by up to 70%.

* BCLP * Clifford Chance * Macfarlanes * Ropes & Gray * Charles Russell Speechlys * Walker Morris * Thomson Snell & Passmore * Thomson Smith and Puxon * Able UK *

"Orbital Copilot is next generation legal technology and is helping us continue to focus our Real Estate lawyers' time on the areas that are most valuable to clients. Our IT strategy has always been to seek out the best technology tools for our needs and our collaboration with Orbital Witness is a key plank of our Real Estate AI plan." Matt Taylor, Partner, Clifford Chance

Firms impressed with the huge time savings

Orbital Copilot is the first real estate specific legal AI assistant purpose-built for property diligence that is capable of reviewing and reporting on any property document.  After a short testing period before Christmas, all the firms were impressed with the huge time savings and ease of use. 

In the testing period alone, 189 commercial lease reports were created with Orbital Copilot. Normally this would equate to 567 hours of work, but with Orbital Copilot this was reduced to less than 170 hours.

"Orbital Copilot is the kind of tool that every lawyer wishes they had." Amy Shuttleworth, Associate, Charles Russell Speechlys

Not another generic AI assistant 

Despite some of the firms already using general legal AI assistant tools, their real estate teams were finding that their specific practice area needs weren’t being met and they needed a solution that is purpose-built for them and their work. 

Orbital Copilot has been developed by experienced real estate lawyers, software engineers and data scientists who are experts in utilising AI to automate property diligence. This means that real estate teams who use Orbital Copilot can save time and stay competitive using a range of distinct features that are purpose-built for property diligence, including: 

  • Optimised for property documents: Property documents present unique challenges, which Orbital Copilot is designed to handle with ease, including processing hundreds of messy scanned pages that might feature maps, tables, equations, handwriting and deeds of variation. 
  • One-click reporting: By giving Orbital Copilot the specialist knowledge of an experienced real estate lawyer through our proprietary AI knowledge base, it can quickly execute complex instructions like “draft a lease report” or “populate a certificate of title” consistently and accurately in a single click.
  • Follow-up questions: Every transaction and every client is unique. Simply ask a specific question (or select one of our real estate lawyers’ FAQs) and let Orbital Copilot answer instantly.
  • Explainable AI: Like asking a junior how they came to their conclusion, Orbital Copilot articulates its reasoning in real-time and provides clear citations and links to the supporting evidence for its conclusions. This makes it easy for lawyers to rely on the system without worrying about “black box” technology. 
"BCLP was an early adopter of Orbital Witness’ products, and we are thrilled to collaborate with the company on an AI solution that will provide marked benefits to our clients by accelerating lease reporting and enhancing real estate due diligence." Samant Narula, Head of Real Estate, BCLP

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