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Know more about your property from day one

Quickly understand key issues without legal expertise

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Lawyer Tick

OW provides an early warning system

Our easy-to-use platform allows developers and others involved in property transactions to understand key legal rights, interests, obligations and potential development constraints, at and surrounding the site they’re interested in.


Quote effectively 

Gain a clearer picture of legal and strategic costs at the outset, allowing you to plan ahead and remain competitive.


Sing from the same hymn sheet

Make OW the common frame of reference between you and your external counsel.

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Our web based app allows you to visualise and analyse your property portfolio in a beautifully simple way, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the site before engaging legal counsel.

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I didn't need to be a property lawyer to be able to understand and use OW

Lee Saywack, Dominvs Group

It gives us that bigger picture in the space of an hour versus what we previously got in six weeks

Tom Burnage, Senior Property Development Manager, TfL

We can give our external counsel a head start as Orbital Witness is a common frame of reference for many law firms

Carolyn Lock, Head of Property Legal, M&S