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Introducing Automated  Diligence

The first AI product delivering quickfire red flag reports for property due diligence


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Not just the title register! This is the first product to analyse all available documents, providing the full picture. 

Receive a red flag report, tailored to your transaction, to share with your client.

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Under the surface


AI and real people working in concert to ensure nothing is missed.


In-built codified legal analysis developed and tested by property lawyers. 


Reports link through to the original documents for easy verification.


OW-Product-One-Pager-RFR-02-new (1)
There have been deals where this product would have provided us with significant time savings. Having explained what the product can do, I have colleagues who cannot wait for the full release
BETA user
I didn't need to be a property lawyer to be able to understand and use the report
Lee Saywack, Dominvs Group (BETA user & collaborator)
This is going to be really useful. Sign me up!”
Beta User
“It's accurate, easy to understand, the detail isn't hidden”
Lee Saywack, Dominvs Group (BETA user & collaborator)
“I have to say that I am really excited about this product"



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