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Insurers win with Orbital Witness

Discover your competitive edge and get accurate quotes back to clients quickly and easily.

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With Orbital Witness
you can…


Double your

Our track record proves that teams can halve the time spent crunching through queries, especially on higher value, more complex risks. So you can quote with confidence.

Insurer Double

conversion rates

With less labour-intensive underwriting and fewer requests for additional information, you can reduce cost-per-quote whilst standing out on both terms and turnaround time.


Compete without

Increase efficiency whilst improving your confidence in quotations with better access to information and improved visibility of factors that influence risk.

Quick, efficient and accurate – it’s how leading insurance companies get ahead.

Product highlights

Title Search

Gather information

Quickly check entries across hundreds of titles in an area or portfolio to build a clear and extensive picture of known risks in minutes.

Find what you’re looking for

Keep all your documents in one place, and instantly search across them for references and provisions with our powerful, integrated search functionality.

Keyword Search
Interactive Plans

Build a
clear picture

Map land and property that benefits from rights, and visualise precise boundary layouts, including access points and highways information.


Search by owner. Understand surrounding ownership in an instant, target your searches against particular landowners, and improve your ability to predict the probability of enforcement.

Search by Owner
“I’ve gone from reviewing one case per day to two to three cases, each involving around 30 properties”

Senior Development Underwriter, Stewart Title

Knowing I would be able to use Orbital Witness was a huge factor in quoting highly competitive indicative premiums to secure the instruction.”

Head of Underwriting Performance, DUAL Asset Underwriting

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