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Meet Iram, Leader of Customer Success at Orbital Witness

"My aim is to help customers get the most out of Orbital Witness. By working closely with customers, I start to anticipate their needs, enabling me to promote their interests to the rest of our team."


I’m Iram, Leader of Customer Success at Orbital Witness *waves excitedly*. I ensure our customers successfully simplify their legal due diligence on properties.

My aim is to help customers get the most out of Orbital Witness. Helping them, helps our business grow by increasing loyalty and advocacy. Working closely with customers, I start to anticipate their needs, enabling me to promote their interests to the rest of our team.

I usually work with real estate departments at law firms and not necessarily central IT or innovation teams. This means our customers may not have come across Customer Success before.

What does Customer Success actually mean?

Not to be confused with customer service or support, the Customer Success role covers a range of areas…

Onboarding - The aim of onboarding is to make sure everything goes smoothly post sale. I need to understand customers’ key expectations and quickly organise training sessions, structured to maximise adoption.

Adoption - The onboarding phase ends when Orbital Witness has been suitably adopted. Key metrics are then frequently fed back to customers and benchmarked so we can see if there’s any room for improvement. Tactics may include additional training, feedback sessions with our product development team, or collaborating on a case study to celebrate exemplary uses of the product that hit the mark. Our adoption rates are something we’re very proud of with 50-60% weekly active users.

Learning - Every user should be able to get the most out of any feature, new or old, anytime they need. Our help centre has been created with an abundance of step by step guides, videos and in-app tours. This is especially important for us, a nimble tech company rolling out new features all the time.

Support - Sometimes you just need to speak with a real person. We pride ourselves on being responsive to questions and requests so our users can quickly unlock the features they need to get ahead.

Product feedback - Orbital Witness is built on customer feedback. I’m always gathering feedback and ensure the product team are kept in the loop so they understand how to build better features and resolve issues quickly.

Product marketing - Our product team develop new features based on our customer feedback, so the Orbital Witness offering rapidly changes. I need to make sure everyone is aware of how new and existing features can help them.

Account management - Working with our Business Development team to make sure the financials work for both our customers and our business.

How does Orbital Witness do Customer Success differently?

Our customers are incredibly busy (their time literally costs money) and I may be the first person in Customer Success that they’ve worked with. This means many Customer Success best practices, like quarterly hour long business reviews and three-page long success plans, aren’t needed or appreciated.

“Keep it simple” is a principle to live by so we ensure all of our interactions are intentional, provide value as quickly as possible and don’t have big asks. If we do have an ask we make it as easy as possible for the customer to say yes. I think this principle is starting to reach the mainstream now as we realise that traditional tech buyers are snowed under an ever-growing buffet of technology.

What’s it like working with top law firms?

Amazing, I’ve learnt so much about the reality of lawyers’ work and how it differs to an episode of Suits! People have sometimes said to me “oh, working with lawyers must be so challenging because they’re… well, they’re lawyers!” This couldn’t be further from the truth! It may sound obvious, but lawyers are not contract-reading-robots, they’re humans. All humans thrive on building relationships, spending time on what interests them and succeeding in their role.

How have you found working at Orbital Witness?

It’s been an exciting couple of years at Orbital Witness iterating our approach to Customer Success. Being given free rein to work out the best strategy for us can feel like a lot of work as Customer Success covers so many areas. One day I might be analysing usage data and the next training Partners how to use Orbital Witness in pitches. I find this variation challenging and also incredibly exciting!

So, does this approach to Customer Success work?

Absolutely. Our customers are not only renewing their contracts with us, they’re rolling out Orbital Witness across more of their team. Given 2020 was a year of slashed budgets, this is pretty impressive.


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