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Automated Lease Review

Check out our latest offering for residential conveyancing


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👀 Identify priority issues

Key issues highlighted so you can take early action.

Save time on every case

Avoid trawling through documents to find answers. 

✅ Reduce risk of claims 

Extra reassurance that nothing has been missed.


How does it work?


 1. Open a case

A new leasehold property purchase or refinance lands on your desk. Upload the lease to Orbital Witness with your case reference number. 


 2. Generate analysis

Our AI system will check the lease, the title and other sources for you. It is pre-trained to reliably answer 40+ standard conveyancing checks on leasehold property.


 3. Case is ready for review

We’ll email you a link when your case is ready. View and share your completed analysis via the link, and download the analysis to save locally.

save-time 4. Hit the ground running 

Our simple interface highlights any major issues so you know what action needs to be taken straight away, before you invest time on the case.


 5. Generate a report

Coming soon! Talk to us to find out more. 

So simple, anyone can use it

View our AI generated answers to 40+ key questions, alongside linked provisions for a straightforward review. Overlay specific lender requirements in a single click, and export everything for a complete audit trail.

Lease Review Product - 20%

Change is coming

As an established leader in commercial real estate due diligence technology, trusted by the top tier law firms, we’re using our expertise and advancements in AI to tackle leasehold conveyancing head-on.


“We believe the conveyancing industry deserves a solution that will make this line of work more economical, predictable, and less of a risk and headache for firms.”

Ed Boulle, Co-Founder

Early adopters

We are proud to be working with, and loved by, some of the most advanced conveyancing firms of today and leaders of the future.       

Join us now and get 10% of your cases free for the first year.

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