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A revolution in common sense

We’re building an automated solution that will – one day soon – provide a compelling alternative to the current cost-sensitive and drawn out diligence process.

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Our goal is for anyone, anywhere to be able to start with a clear picture of a property before spending any significant time or money.

We’ve already changed the game for property lawyers, and we’re not stopping there. Read ‘Our next big leap’ by Orbital Witness co-founder Edmond Boulle.

Meet our Advisory Council 

Founded by luminaries from renowned industry names including

Be part of the journey in 2021

We are a bold, ambitious team with the talent and investment needed to build this revolutionary new solution – but we can’t do it in a vacuum.

We rely on input, advice and constructive feedback to make it really fly.

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Driving the change

This is why we are setting up The Orbital Witness Advisory Council – a group of key individuals from leading organisations, self-confessed early-adopters and evangelists of new technology, who want to make property transactions radically more transparent, simple and efficient.

Our valued Advisors will be making a meaningful contribution to a long-overdue sea change in the property industry.

Advisor spotlight

Working with Orbital Witness reflects our commitment to innovate so that we can not only speed up our due diligence improving turnaround times with our clients but be better informed in the solutions we build for them

Simon Brooks, Head of Balance Sheet Management, Investec Bank

Advisor spotlight

Orbital Witness has huge potential to provide us with valuable insight on investment opportunities before we make an offer or instruct our professional advisors

Dan McLoughlin, Deputy General Counsel (Europe), Private Equity Real Estate Fund

Advisor spotlight

“Orbital Witness is solving a problem property developers know all too well - spending time and money on a deal only to find out there are awkward legal factors about a site that make a scheme less viable”

David Hirschfield, Legal Director, Galliard Homes

Advisor spotlight

“After four decades of global property investments, I've seen so many deals get stuck in diligence. A solution like Orbital Witness is long overdue!”

Hersch Klaff, CEO, Klaff Realty

Get involved or stay updated

If you dream of a seamless and transparent due diligence process for your next property transaction we would love to hear from you!
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